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Babe and Bob

Empowering pet rabbit owners

Welcome to Babe and Bob, a dedicated space providing reliable resources and support to enhance the well-being of pet rabbits. So, join us in debunking myths and embracing better care practices.


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A Passionate advocate dedicated to healthier and happier rabbits

Babe and bob gave me the passion for pet rabbits that led to the creation of this blog. Hence, I have dedicated to providing simple, myth-free information on pet rabbit keeping and their welfare.

With my experience in rabbit keeping, I understand the importance of dispelling misconceptions to improve the lives of pet rabbits. Therefore, I strive to create a reliable source for new rabbit owners all in one place.

Join the babe and bob mission for humane rabbit care

Babe and bob offers information and advice based on personal experience and knowledge. Hence, dedicated to the humane care and well-being of your pet rabbits.

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Babe and Bob Empower new rabbit owners with a beginner's guide

Buying a rabbit is easy! However, meeting the needs of this adorable pet is where the problems can start. So before bringing a rabbit into your family’s life. You should decide how and where it is going to live and how to feed it. Then be prepared to ignore common belief. While providing a safe environment and diet that maintains your new pet’s health and welfare. Which is so much more! Than the commonly available hutch with attach run in a garden, and a diet of carrots and lettuce. So, start your rabbit keeping journey with Babe and Bob by finding out more about owning rabbit.

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Nurturing Nutrition

Babe and bob, understand a rabbit’s dietary needs and the importance of ignoring the common feeding myths to rabbit health. So we by exploring the digestive system and why raw fibre is essential to a rabbits diet. While providing practical tips to help novice owners understand the needs of their pet rabbits from the start.

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Safe environments and habitats

You can keep rabbits in the garden, your home or free to roam. However, having a safe environment for your rabbit is essential. Therefore, Babe and Bob explain these methods of keeping pet rabbits. A long, with the advice and tips you may need to get you started.

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Beginners Guide

Owning a Rabbit: A beginner’s guide to pet rabbit keeping

Are rabbits good pets? Well, they can be cute, affectionate and adorable family pets. But just owning a rabbit will not give you the rewards they offer. You will need to earn them with space, love, and dedication to their welfare.