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The Ultimate rabbit proof garden for happy rabbit keeping gardeners.

Are you tired of your furry friends munching on your precious plants and flowers? Or considering buying or have a pet rabbit that you would like to give unmanaged access to your garden? Pet rabbits love being in a rabbit proof garden, able to forage, run, jump and play. However, if you are a rabbit keeping...
predator proofing

Predator Proofing - How to Keep your Pet Rabbits Safe.

Predator proofing for rabbits involves creating a safe and secure area that prevents any predators from gaining access to your bunny’s environment. So, if you intend keeping your rabbits in an outdoor hutch and run or allow them free time your garden. Ensuring they are protected from predators...
pet rabbit

Pet Rabbit-How Things Have Changed

How the fifty-seven-year gap between my first and second pet rabbit changed rabbit keeping. Improving life for my new rabbit. My first pet rabbit My first pet rabbit, a gift from my parents, arrived at our home in a cardboard box. Not being well off, my father made a rabbit house from a 3-foot (0.915m)long...
new pet rabbit

New Pet Rabbit-How 1 Changed My Life

I had no intention of getting a new pet rabbit, but fate had other plans. I love animals and have been around dogs, cats, and horses for a substantial part of my life.  But my childhood rabbit did not work out too well. So, why would I need or want a child’s pet now? A quick trip to town April 2018 was...

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