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I write about experiences with my pet rabbits and issues affecting rabbit health and welfare.

Fifty-seven years after my first pet rabbit, my new pet rabbit, the result of an impulse purchase arrived. That found me with little up-to-date rabbit-keeping knowledge and unprepared for its arrival.

Fortunately, I had the time and resources to quickly make a safe environment for her, while the internet provided the knowledge.

Four years later: I have two lively, healthy, and happy free-roaming rabbits with a healthy diet, enjoying the comfort of my home. 

rabbit babe

black and white dutch rabbit babe

Babe was unexpected and hit me like a bolt from the blue with her excellent looks and attention-seeking personality.

Full of life and mischief with a preference for human company and the Dutch rabbit curiosity. Babe likes to know what is going on and then gets in the way; it is her way of helping!

She will quickly take advantage of any opportunity to visit places she should not be. The dining table, my computer desk, and my planters are some places she has visited.

Rabbits are said to have a sweet tooth, and Babe certainly has. I have caught this hopping opportunist feasting on fruit cake and liquorice allsorts she helped herself to from an open bag.

But that is just Babe being a rabbit, and meeting her is where our story starts.

rabbit bob

grey and white dutch rabbit bob

Three months after Babe sprang into my life, I found her a Dutch rabbit partner, Smokey (nicknamed Bob). He was alone in the corner of the pen, the obvious outcast from the other rabbits, all lops and lion heads.

Bob, is less confident and smaller than Babe. So, putting something new in the house will have him bobbing his head before approaching it. Making the job of finding him a nickname easy, but it took a long time for him to feel secure in his new home.

After successfully bonding with Babe, Bob had problems adjusting to the free-roaming lifestyle. However, after being closely managed during the day and spending his nights confined, he was free to roam and able to join the family.

Now Bobs is a valued family member with an affectionate, attention-seeking, sometimes bossy character.