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Hi, thank you for visiting our blog. We are two pet rabbits who live with our unpaid servant Phil. My name is Shadow, but I prefer to be called Babe, the good looking black and white one. My partner Smokey, named after Phil’s first pet rabbit, likes to be called Bob. Because when he cannot make up his mind, he makes Phil laugh by bobbing his head. Yes, he is the grey and white one, with a bad paint job, and we all live together. Free-range whatever that means! Well, I suppose I had better let the slave Phil have his say.

The purpose of this blog is to entertain the visitor; it is not, and never will be a commercial venture.  All I ask is for comments, good and bad, on the blog posts, any feedback is helpful, please provide some.

Babe came into my life first and turned my life, and garden upside down followed four months later by Bob. My tale of two rabbits started at the end of July 2019 and should go on for the next eight to ten years. Why the time limit? A rabbit can only expect to live that long, and me, well, I feel lucky waking up in the morning. Anyway, the blog starts by covering the history so far, before moving on to blog posts in the present.

Babe, Bob and I hope you enjoy your visit, and that we can try to entertain you again soon.

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1 Happy Bunny in a Rabbit Proof Garden

1 Happy Bunny in a Rabbit Proof Garden Table of Contents the Two Reasons To Rabbit Proof There were two reasons for Babe to have a rabbit proof garden. The first was to stop her escaping, and the second to

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Now 2 Happy Rabbits, the Arrival of Bob

Now 2 Happy Rabbits, the Arrival of Bob Table of Contents Happier Pets Rabbits are happier pets when living as a pair, male and female, and it was time to find Babe, a partner. She was now over six months

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2 free range rabbits Table of Contents the enviroment You can keep free range rabbits in the house, garden or both, as I do. But pet rabbits must be in a safe environment with room to stretch, run and play.

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Buying A Rabbit

buying a rabbit for children Table of Contents Buying a rabbit Now buying a rabbit is simple, and they are said to be the third most popular pet in the U.K. They are cute and look cuddly, and parents often

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Neutering Rabbit Babe

Neutering pet rabbit Babe Table of Contents Neutering rabbit Babe never crossed my mind when I bought her, or the short time, she had been with me. She was keeping me too busy to think about anything more than protecting

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Vaccination and Neutering Rabbit Bob

Vaccination and Neutering rabbit bob Table of Contents Bob’s Free Health Check Like Babe, rabbit Bob came with a free health check and combined Myxomatosis / Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease vaccination. But unlike Babe, he would be seeing the new vet.

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