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dutch rabbit

Dutch Rabbit-A Happy Slave to 2

Dutch rabbit Bob arrived and settled in during the autumn months. But as the days shortened, so did Babe and Bob’s time in the garden. I was shutting the door at dusk, and they were not happy rabbits spending more time in the house. A Dutch Rabbit tantrum So, they vented their frustration on my curtains but gave up when they did not get the desired reaction. Finally, the slave had put his foot...
bunny rabbit

Bunny Rabbit Bob-The Neutering

Like Babe, bunny rabbit Bob came with a free health check and combined Myxomatosis/Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease vaccination. But unlike Babe, he would be seeing the new vet. Bunny rabbit Bob’s Health Check Now rabbit Bob had a nervous disposition and would run for cover when a sparrow flew over the garden. So, you can imagine my surprise when he put himself in the pet carrier. And once in the car sat...
buying a rabbit

Buying a rabbit - think rabbit keeping is easy and cheap?

Buying a rabbit is cheap, and they are popular pets because they are cute and affectionate. But, as commonly believed, far from low-cost or easy to keep and may live for ten years. Becoming a pet can have its advantages for a rabbit but does not change its basic needs or instincts. Hence, you may be the most significant disadvantage to your new pet living the good life. So before buying your first...
free range pet rabbit

Free Range Pet Rabbit-The Arrival of Bob

Pet Rabbits are happier pets when living as a pair, male and female. And, it was time to find free range pet rabbit Babe, a partner. She was now over six months old and was ready for the vet to make her infertile A Free Range Pet Rabbit Partner for Babe So, as I was passing the vet’s, I went in to arrange her operation. But, I needed to go through the pet shop to access the vet. Yep right past...
neutering rabbits

Neutering Rabbits - Babe

Neutering rabbits never crossed my mind when I bought Babe or during the brief time she had been with me. She kept me too busy to think about anything more than protecting her and my garden. But that was about to change thanks to a vet. babe’s free health check Babe came with a voucher to see the vet for a health check and vaccination against myxomatosis and RHD1. Now, I never miss a freebie...
pet rabbit

Pet Rabbit-How Things Have Changed

How the fifty-seven-year gap between my first and second pet rabbit changed rabbit keeping. Improving life for my new rabbit. My first pet rabbit My first pet rabbit, a gift from my parents, arrived at our home in a cardboard box. Not being well off, my father made a rabbit house from a 3-foot (0.915m)long wooden banana crate. He obtained free of charge from a family friend. The design was a copy of...