How to prepare, care and reap the rewards from your new affectionate, fun-loving hairy hopping friend. While making this underrated pet part of your family. 

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Bunny Rabbit Bob-The Neutering

Like Babe, bunny rabbit Bob came with a free health check and combined Myxomatosis/Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease vaccination. But unlike Babe, he would be seeing the new vet. Bunny rabbit Bob’s Free Health Check Now rabbit Bob had a nervous disposition and would run for cover when a sparrow flew over

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Free Range Pet Rabbit-The Arrival of Bob

Pet Rabbits are happier pets when living as a pair, male and female. And, it was time to find free range pet rabbit Babe, a partner. She was now over six months old and was ready for the vet to make her infertile A Free Range Pet Rabbit Partner for

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