Pet Rabbit Babe

My pet rabbit babe is a black and white Dutch Rabbit, with good looks and a temperament to match.

Never one to miss a trick, she will use anything to satisfy her constant curiosity. In the picture above, she standing on the dustbin trying to see who is over the fence. Babe loves to climb and has been on every high spot in the garden except the shed roof. But no doubt she’ll work it out one day!

Always the mischievous one, and quick to take advantage babe see’s barriers as  challenges to overcome. Put something she can climb on to close to a fence, and you’re picking her out of the flowers.

Rabbits love to dig, but if a hole appears in the garden it’s Babe that started to dig it. But then Bob doesn’t mind joining in, and when I fill it in, it’s Babe that digs it out again.

But then that’s just my pet rabbit Babe, and I wouldn’t change her for the world. Without her and Bob there would be a lot less fun and laughter in my life.