A Trip into Rabbit Town

At the end of June 2019, a year after my retirement I jumped in the car for a quick visit to town. I hate paying for an hour in the car park when I am only going to be ten minutes. So headed for the customer parking, in the retail park just up the road. With no idea the effect one rabbit would have on me.

Yep right outside a pet shop, part of a well known national chain. This wasn’t the first time parking here, and the parking is monitored by CCTV. So as being seen heading straight into town, could incur a charge of £70 when I returned. So I went into the shop just to look at the Rabbits and guinea pigs.

In The Pet Shop

Just inside the doors there are two all glass rabbit runs, male and female side by side. But only one rabbit in sight and the run nearest appeared to be empty. Thinking, there’s nothing much to see here today, I was about to move on. When a blur shot around the run and stopped at my feet.

I looked down to see a gorgeous black and white Dutch Rabbit, up on its hind legs looking back at me. Now that rabbit, had done, what no woman had managed to do. Send me into instant emotional melt down.

We stood there looking at each other for a few minutes, while an argument was raging in my head. Buy her, act your age you’re a stressed out grumpy sixty year old not six! Go on get her, why do you want a child’s pet? Where are you going to keep her? I left the shop, went to town and back home with this argument still raging.

OK I’m a Six Year Old with a Rabbit

Three hours later I was leaving the shop again, accompanied by the four month old black and white Dutch Rabbit. That has changed my life for the better! Stress free, and so happy the six year old won.

Babe's first day in the garden
Babe’s first day in the garden



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