my rabbit babe

My Rabbit Babe

My Rabbit Babe is a black and white Dutch rabbit with good looks and a temperament to match. Never one to miss a trick, she will use anything to satisfy her constant curiosity. Babe loves to climb and has been on every high spot in the garden, trying to see who is over the fence.
Always the naughty one and quick to take advantage, Babe sees barriers as challenges to overcome. Put something she can climb on close to a fence, and you are picking her out of the flowers. But then that is just Babe, and I would not change her for the world.

new pet rabbit
Phil Jay

New Pet Rabbit-How 1 Changed My Life

I had no intention of getting a new pet rabbit, but fate had other plans. I love animals and have been around dogs, cats, and horses for a substantial part of my life.  But my childhood rabbit did not work out too well. So, why would I need or want

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neutering rabbits
Phil Jay

Neutering Rabbits – Babe

Neutering rabbits never crossed my mind when I bought Babe or during the brief time she had been with me. She kept me too busy to think about anything more than protecting her and my garden. But that was about to change thanks to a vet. babe’s free health check

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