my rabbit bob

My Rabbit Bob

My Rabbit Bob is a grey and white Dutch rabbit with more white on his left than right. That caused a friend to call him the one with a lousy paint job. This loveable rogue was a planned addition to my family as a companion for Babe
Bob looks for attention but is seldom inclined to return the favour. He is the first to get to the nuggets at feed time and is always ready for a treat. He looks as if he understands every word and won’t go around you, but keep nudging your heel until you move out of his way!

bunny rabbit
Phil Jay

Bunny Rabbit Bob-The Neutering

Like Babe, bunny rabbit Bob came with a free health check and combined Myxomatosis/Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease vaccination. But unlike Babe, he would be seeing the new vet.

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free range pet rabbit
Phil Jay

Free Range Pet Rabbit-The Arrival of Bob

Pet Rabbits are happier pets when living as a pair, male and female. And, it was time to find free range pet rabbit Babe, a partner. She was now over six months old and was ready for the vet to make her infertile A Free Range Pet Rabbit Partner for

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