The Ultimate rabbit proof garden for happy rabbit keeping gardeners.


Are you tired of your furry friends munching on your precious plants and flowers? Or considering buying or have a pet rabbit that you would like to give unmanaged access to your garden? Pet rabbits love being in a rabbit proof garden, able to forage, run, jump and play. However, if you are a rabbit […]

Keeping Rabbits Indoors – Happy, Pets love free roaming.

Keeping Rabbits Indoors

Is it OK to keep rabbits indoors? Yes, rabbits live indoors, and being safe from predators are often more relaxed in that environment. However, if you are considering keeping rabbits indoors, there are a few things you should be aware of. But, if you invest the time and effort after buying a rabbit, you will […]

Free Range Rabbits – Freedom the Way to Heathy Happy Bunnies

free range rabbits

Are you considering buying a pet rabbit to add to your family? If so, have you considered keeping free range rabbits?Rabbits that are free to roam and explore their surroundings, and not confined in a cage or enclosure. While this may seem like a risky choice, there are many benefits to this lifestyle for both rabbits […]

Predator Proofing – How to Keep your Pet Rabbits Safe.

predator proofing

Predator proofing for rabbits involves creating a safe and secure area that prevents any predators from gaining access to your bunny’s environment. So, if you intend keeping your rabbits in an outdoor hutch and run or allow them free time your garden. Ensuring they are protected from predators is vital for their safety and must […]

Keeping rabbits outside needs space, love and dedication

keeping rabbits outside

Are you considering keeping a rabbit outside? Can rabbits live outside all year round? Yes, they can! Wild rabbits live outside in underground burrows all year round. But they have the freedom, space, and ability to create their own habitat. However, your pet rabbit will need you to supply suitable and safe accommodation to live […]

Feeding Rabbits For 1 Amazing Long Happy Life

feeding rabbits

Not Feeding Rabbits As Nature Intended Is One Of The Most Common Causes Of Premature Death In Pet Rabbits. But They Will Eat Almost Anything We Provide For Them! So what can rabbits eat daily? If you do not know the answer to that question, you need to read on. I want my rabbits, Babe […]

Buying a rabbit – think rabbit keeping is easy and cheap?

buying a rabbit

Buying a rabbit is cheap, and they are popular pets because they are cute and affectionate. But, as commonly believed, far from low-cost or easy to keep and may live for ten years. Becoming a pet can have its advantages for a rabbit but does not change its basic needs or instincts. Hence, you may […]