Bunny Rabbit Bob-The Neutering

bunny rabbit

Like Babe, bunny rabbit Bob came with a free health check and combined Myxomatosis/Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease vaccination. But unlike Babe, he would be seeing the new vet.

Bunny rabbit Bob’s Health Check

Now rabbit Bob had a nervous disposition and would run for cover when a sparrow flew over the garden. So, you can imagine my surprise when he put himself in the pet carrier.

And once in the car sat in his travel box, looking out the window at the landscape flying past. Bob sat in the box, people watching as we walked across the car park through the shop to the vets.

Then in the waiting room sat, ears pricked, watching the dogs and cats with interest. But when we went in to see the vet and out of the carrier, he reverted to his old self. Ears flat, hunched on the table, scared to move.

But he did not give the vet any problems. He had his weight taken, his teeth and eyes examined, and the injection before returning to the carrier.

We left the vet’s, assured Bob was in good health and headed home with a happy rabbit. But I would need to do it all again for Bob’s RHT2 injection three weeks later.

Bunny Bob's Bus Ride

Now, I had been thinking about selling the car for some time; it was no longer necessary after retiring. As I was over sixty-five and entitled to a free bus pass, the car just sat outside the house.

So I sold the car and ordered an electric bicycle during the three-week gap between Bob’s appointments. And the bike needed collecting the same day as Bob’s first visit to the vet.

Now, the bike shop was only half a mile from the surgery. So, it looked like I was in for the same journey twice.

However, my wife came to the rescue. I left first to pick up the bike. Followed later by my wife with bunny rabbit Bob to meet me with my bike at the surgery. Now, Bob was happy with the vet until I asked if he was ready for neutering.

He was not nasty. But he made it clear he was not pleased with the vet checking if things were in the right place. But the vital parts had not dropped into place.

So, I had to leave it for a month and then have him rechecked. Bob, pleased to be back in the carrier, and my wife went home on the bus while I rode my new bike back.

According to my wife, Bob behaved on the bus much like in the car. Good, because he had another five trips before the vet would complete his castration. The recheck, operation and three aftercare visits.

Bunny Rabbit Bob's Operation

The month seemed to pass quickly, with Bob showing increasing interest in Babes’ rear end as the time passed. By the end of the month, she was getting little rest from his un-welcome amorous advances.

It was time for Bob to take a bus ride for his check-up. Now I know I should have been watching how he was developing myself. But I have no desire to feel around that part of a rabbit’s anatomy.

The vet did not need to either. As soon as the vet stood him on his hind legs, my wife exclaimed, God, he is a big boy! When we had all stopped laughing, the vet agreed he was ready.

A few days later, bunny rabbit Bob went back for the operation that would cool his ardour. His appointment was at 09:40, and his procedure was due to be carried out soon after.

But bunny rabbits need some tender loving care while coming around from the anaesthetic. And Bob also needed to eat something before the vet could release him.

young rabbit bob in the garden pre neutering
Young rabbit Bob in the garden pre neutering

The Long Wait

So, as with Babe, they would phone me around 2:00 pm to let me know when I could collect him. Now I did not worry about rabbit Bob like I did when rabbit Babe had her operation.

Although the anaesthetic held the same dangers, there would be far less internal trauma. So, half the healing time, Although the anaesthetic held the same risks, there would be far less internal trauma. 

So, half the healing time, therefore, as Babe had bounced back, Bob should have no trouble.

But 2:00 pm came and went with no phone call. An hour later, my wife said she was getting worried. So was I, but I brushed her off, saying, “they are probably busy,” and hoping he was alright.

It was 4:00 pm before we found out everything had gone well, and he was ready for collection. We arrived at the surgery fifteen minutes later and left with a sedated, bald eared bunny rabbit Bob.

Bunny Rabbit Bob’s Convalescence

It can take up to twenty-four hours for the effects of the anaesthetic to wear off. So, bunny Bob arrived home and, in the cage, unaware of how and slept till late in the evening.

When he eventually moved, it was to the water bowl for a long drink and next to nibble some hay. Now I knew the worst was over, and he was eating, so he would hopefully bounce back with no problems. I could go to bed!

The morning found my bunny rabbit, Bob, back to his usual self, apart from the canular wound in his bald ear. But he had to stay confined until his first post-op visit to the vet the following morning.

And as bunny rabbits hide their pain, he would also need pain relief for three or four days.

First Post-op Check

Bob was his usual self, surveying all on the bus the following day, and we arrived at the vets’ early. So, needing a few household essentials went shopping in the supermarket next door.

I expected the security guard to turn us away because of bunny rabbit Bob in his carrier. But nobody seemed to care, or they did not see him sitting in the pet carrier watching the other shoppers.

Shopping all done, we headed for the vets and received the all-clear. His stitches were still in place, and no sign of infection. So Bob could have the freedom of the house back home but could not go out in the garden.

I felt sorry for him; he spent hours sat looking out of the window at the playground. But with the added risk of picking up an infection, I would not take the chance.

Second and Third Check

Bob’s second post-op check went much the same as the first, except the vet said the wound had knitted well. She must have good eyesight; I could not see it, even with my reading glasses! So, Bob got the freedom of the garden.

Ten days after his operation, Bob had his final check and the all-clear from the vet. She said he could return to the garden.

No, I did not tell her he had been there for the last five days. So, we gave him a treat and took him to do a whole week’s shopping.

bob happy to be back in the garden after his being discharged by the vet
Bob happy to be back in the garden after being discharged by the vet


Now, I assumed that after all Bob had experienced at the hands of the vet and his nervous disposition. He would prefer to avoid the pet carrier.

But I recently took Babe for her annual vaccinations, and on my return, I let her out of the carrier. And Bob ran across the room and sat in it, expecting his turn to go sightseeing.

But all being well, he will have to wait until next annual inoculations.