My pet rabbits babe and bob

The spring of 2019, a year after I retired, found me working in the garden. Trying to turn a weed patch into a place I could spend warm days relaxing. It was the middle of June before I had done all I could do. The summer was in full swing, and I spent some time enjoying the fruit of my labour relaxing. But it was not long before fate intervened, and I had more to do in the garden and the house. All because of a car park and one irresistible young pet rabbit.
Doe Rabbit

how 1 rabbit changed my life for the better

If anyone had told me I needed a pet rabbit, I would have died of laughter. Now I do like animals and have had dogs, cats, and horses for a substantial part of my life. But not for the last few years. I did have a pet rabbit as a boy, but that did not work out too well. So, at my age, why would I need or want a child’s pet.

pet rabbit babe helping herself to a strawberry
rabbit proofed play ground that was my garden


There were two reasons for Babe to have a rabbit proof garden. The first was to stop her escaping, and the second to stop her eating my plants. As the garden fence is secure and it would take her a long time to tunnel her way out. While most of my plants could be toxic and immediately harmful! The second had to take priority.

introducing bob

Three months after Babe sprang into my life, I found her partner Bob. He was alone in the corner of the pen, the obvious outcast from the group of lops and lion heads. Slightly smaller than Babe, Bob, with his affectionate, attention-seeking and sometimes bossy personality, is now a valued family member.
Buck Rabbit


Pet rabbits are happier when living as a pair, male and female, and it was time to find Babe, a partner. She was now over six months old and was ready for the vet to make her infertile. So, as I was passing the vets, went in to arrange her operation. Now to access to the vet’s, I needed to go through the pet shop. Yep right passed the rabbits, and I could not resist having a quick peek.

new boy bob in the garden
babe and bob waiting on the bed for me to go downstairs

how 57 years gave my pet rabbit a better life

My first pet rabbit, a gift from my parents, arrived at our home in a cardboard box. Not being well off, my father made a hutch from a 3-foot wooden banana crate obtained, from a family friend. He copied the design from one that was for sell in pet shops at the time. Placed at the bottom of the garden it would be the home, for Smokey a Standard Dutch rabbit for the next eight years.

2 free range rabbits

You can keep free range rabbits in the house, garden or both, as I do. But pet rabbits must be in a safe environment with room to stretch, run and play. Now a three-metre by two-metre area is the minimum for rabbits the size of Babe and Bob.

But will they be happy? Well not according to Babe and Bob, being free range pet rabbits, they should know! Now, after seeing Babe and Bob running and playing, I agree with them. 

my 2 free range rabbits babe and bob
a bolt from the blue Rabbit Babe

Neutering rabbit babe

Neutering pet rabbit Babe never crossed my mind when I bought her, or the short time, she had been with me. She was keeping me to busy to think anything more than protecting her and my garden. But that was about to change thanks to a vet.

Babe came with a voucher to see the vet for a health check and vaccination against myxomatosis and RHD1. Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease is a viral form of hepatitis that comes in two strains. Both of which are highly infectious, transmitted by blood-sucking insects and fatal.