My pet rabbits

The work and delight of living with pet rabbits

pet rabbits
The Work


There were two reasons to rabbit-proof the garden for Babe. The first was to stop her escaping, and the second to stop her eating my plants. As the garden fence is secure and it would take her a long time to tunnel her way out. While most of my plants could be toxic and immediately harmful! The second had to take priority.

My plants are in pots on the patio, the left side of the garden, and two planters on the grass. But to the right of the shed, I have a raised bed full of geraniums.

You can keep free-range rabbits in the house, garden or both, as I do. But pet rabbits must be in a safe environment with room to stretch, run and play. Now a three-metre by two-metre area is the minimum for rabbits the size of Babe and Bob.

But will they be happy? Well not according to Babe and Bob, being free-range rabbits, they should know! Now, after seeing Babe and Bob running and playing, I agree with them.


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There was plenty of pet rabbits to choose from, unlike when Babe found me, lops and lion heads etc., but only one male Dutch. All the other rabbits in the run were in a huddle. But this grey and white standard Dutch, the smallest one, was on his own in the back in the corner. I liked him; he would make an excellent partner for Babe!


How 57 Years gave my pet rabbits a better life

My story

My first pet rabbit, a gift from my parents, arrived at our home in a cardboard box. Not being well off, my father made a hutch from a 3-foot wooden banana crate obtained, from a family friend. He copied the design from one that was for sell in pet shops at the time.

Placed at the bottom of the garden it would be the home, for Smokey a Standard Dutch rabbit for the next eight years.

57 years later I live alone and share my home with my second and third pet rabbits, Babe and Bob. They both live free-range, in my small house, with un-restricted day time access to the back, and supervised access to the front garden’s.