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Welcome to Babe and bob, where you can explore how to prepare, care and reap the rewards from your new, hairy hopping friend. While, making this underrated pet part of your family. Our website provides some valuable insights, from my own experiences, on fulfilling the needs of these affectionate exotic pets. With articles from creating a suitable environment, to feeding a healthy diet, and promoting their welfare, we’ve got your back! So, why not start today and freely explore the lifestyle rabbits need for a healthy long life. With no sign up, adverts or annoying follow up emails, we hope you will enjoy your visit.

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A rabbit proof garden for happy gardeners

Introduction. Tired of your furry friends munching on your precious plants and flowers? Or considering BUYING or have a pet rabbit that you would like to give unmanaged access to your garden? Pet rabbits love being in a rabbit proof garden, able to forage, run, jump and play. However, if you are a rabbit keeping gardener, they can also be your worst nightmare! Well, in this post, we will be…

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Keeping Rabbits Indoors – Happy Pets love free roaming

Introduction. Is it OK to keep rabbits indoors? Yes, rabbits live indoors, and being safe from predators are often more relaxed in that environment. However, if you are considering keeping rabbits indoors, there are a few things you should be aware of. But, if you invest the time and effort after BUYING A RABBIT, you will gain an affectionate fun-loving friend. In this post, we will explore how…

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Meet The Family

We are a family of three, one human, (AKA the slave), with a pair of long-eared hairy hopping-free roaming house guests. Now, happily living together, (if the rabbit masters get what they need), in a small house with gardens front and back.

new to the world of rabbit keeping?

Are you just thinking about buying a pet rabbit, or have you already taken the plunge, and now quite not sure what comes next. Well, the two posts below contain the essential basic rabbit keeping information to point you in the right direction. However, if you don’t find an answer to your problem, or have question, you can ask Babe and Bob via our post comment or contact page! Your privacy is important to us, so in line with our PRIVACY POLICY no personal information is retained.

Feeding Rabbits For 1 Amazing Long Happy Life

Not Feeding Rabbits As Nature Intended Is One Of The Most Common Causes Of Premature Death In Pet Rabbits. But They Will Eat Almost Anything We Provide For Them! So what can rabbits eat daily? If you don’t know the answer, and THINKING OF HAVING a pet rabbit you need to read on. So What do Wild…

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Buying a rabbit – think rabbit keeping is easy and cheap?

Buying a rabbit is cheap, and they are popular pets because they are cute and affectionate. But, as commonly believed, far from low-cost or easy to keep and may live for ten years. Becoming a pet can have its advantages for a rabbit but does not change its basic needs or instincts. Hence, you may…

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