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feeding rabbits

Feeding Rabbits For 1 Amazing Happy Long Life

Not feeding rabbits as nature intended is one of the most common causes of premature death in pet rabbits. But they will eat almost anything we provide for them! So what can rabbits eat daily? If you do not know the answer to that question, you need to read on.

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Dutch Rabbit-A Happy Slave to 2

Dutch rabbit Bob arrived and settled in during the autumn months. But as the days shortened, so did Babe and Bob’s time in the garden. I was shutting the door at dusk, and they were not happy Dutch rabbits spending more time in the house. A Dutch Rabbit tantrum So,

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Bunny Rabbit Bob-The Neutering

Like Babe, bunny rabbit Bob came with a free health check and combined Myxomatosis/Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease vaccination. But unlike Babe, he would be seeing the new vet. Bunny rabbit Bob’s Free Health Check Now rabbit Bob had a nervous disposition and would run for cover when a sparrow flew over

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Neutering Rabbits – Babe

Neutering rabbits never crossed my mind when I bought Babe or during the brief time she had been with me. She kept me too busy to think about anything more than protecting her and my garden. But that was about to change thanks to a vet. Neutering Rabbits Babe came

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Buying a rabbit

Buying a Rabbit

Now buying a rabbit is simple, and they are the third most popular pet in the U.K. and U.S. They are cute and look cuddly, and parents often get a pet rabbit for their children. But if you are considering buying a pet rabbit for your child, please read this

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free range rabbits

Free Range Rabbits

You can keep free range rabbits in the house, garden, or both, as I do. But pet rabbits must be in a safe environment with room to stretch, run and play. And, a three-metre by two-metre area is the minimum for rabbits like Babe and Bob. Free Range Rabbits the

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