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the enviroment

You can keep free range rabbits in the house, garden or both, as I do. But pet rabbits must be in a safe environment with room to stretch, run and play. Now a three-metre by two-metre area is the minimum for rabbits the size of Babe and Bob.

Enough room?

But will they be happy? Well not according to Babe and Bob, being free range rabbits, they should know! Now, after seeing Babe and Bob running and playing, I agree with them. They have access to the front and back garden and the ground floor of the house. Total area twenty-two by four metres and they use all of it to play chase. They run from one end to the other and back at full speed, often more than once.

Keeping free range rabbits

Now keeping free range rabbits does have its problems. Rabbits will do what they always done, chew the house contents, dig holes in your garden and eat your plants. Most of which you can prevent, but it comes at a cost and takes time.

But the laughter, affection and companionship, and an improvement in your overall mental health. Will, I have found, outweigh the problems that cannot be solved.

Yes, you could enjoy the same benefits from a cat or dog. But free range rabbits do not need walking in all weathers, make the house smell, or leave muddy paw prints on your floor. They keep themselves exceptionally clean, are easy to toilet train, and the hair does not get stuck in your carpets.

Preparing for the rabbits

Be prepared; I never expected to have one rabbit, let alone two and suffered, for not being ready. Getting my first rabbit Babe came as a surprise and my garden was blooming. So, I had a lot of work to complete very quickly, the garden had to be safe and my plant’s rabbit-proof.

Then make the house safe for the rabbit. But that was safe for the rabbit to be in, not safe for my carpets and chairs. So, if you are planning to have one in the home, make sure you are ready.

in the house

You must make sure your rabbit cannot get to any cables, and there are no if’s or but’s here. They are long-sighted, so do not see things up close, and will mistake wires for edible plant roots. Encase cables in plastic trunking, run them behind furniture, or secure them at a high level and keep your bunny safe.

You should play safe and consider all your house plant toxic to rabbits, and the majority will be. So, make sure the rabbits will never be able to get to them or preferable remove them altogether. They are past masters at reaching the things we think are safe!

I had a plastic ornamental Bonsai tree on my sideboard I thought was safe, and it was. But I moved a dining chair to clean under the table and forgot to put it back, before going shopping. On my return, I found the tree had no foliage; it was all over the floor; along with the trunk in its pot and several other items.

So, what about your furniture and soft furnishing’s? Well, they will never be completely safe from your hairy house guest. You have only two options, do not have any wooden furniture or fabric in reach, or actively manage your rabbit. But if you have a rabbit free range in your house, you will need to accept some damage. Let us face it, the first option is not practical, and the second for me had its drawbacks.

My Rabbits live with me; they go where I do and are on my bed every night. Yes, I had some damage at first, but not anymore. They appear to have learnt, it is not good eating, but rabbits do learn, and we now live in harmony.

in the garden

Now free range rabbits need to be able to dig, and you should let them, but you can control where. They like to burrow close to fences, bushes or large shrubs, and under anything raised above the ground.

So, after rabbit-proofing your garden, lay, well pegged down, wire mesh in these areas to stop them. But you must set aside one or two places where they are can dig and fill them back in regularly.

free range rabbits?

I know the way I keep free range rabbits Babe and Bob, will not viable for most of you. I have the time it takes to supervise them and keep them in check. But if you are thinking of having pet rabbits, do think of their mental health and give them space. But keeping them shut in a hutch is not and never should be an option!

But you do not have to let them live completely free-range there are more ways to keep them. However, if you must keep your pet rabbits contained, then a 3m x 2m is the absolute minimum space needed.

For a complete guide on all aspects of keeping pet rabbits, I recommend you visit the RWAF website.

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