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About Babe and Bob

Empowering pet rabbit owners

Babe and Bob was created. In 2019 out of love for rabbits and a desire to share information about the experience on line. After discovering, late in life, the true nature of rabbits and how they prefer to live.

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About Content Creator philjay


Fifty-seven years after my first rabbit. My new pet rabbit, the result of an impulse purchase, arrived. Hence, I found myself in an undesirable situation! With little up-to-date rabbit keeping knowledge and unprepared for her arrival. Fortunately, I had the time and resources to create a safe environment for her quickly. However, this little four month old doe, I named Babe, surprised me with her friendly nature and desire for human company.

After a few months of enjoying her company while relaxing in the summer sun, I decided, to tell the world of my experience via a blog. Only to find it wasn’t just rabbit keeping that had gone through drastic changes, so had the Internet. Hence, over the last four years, experimenting with various designs and taking online courses my purpose has changed.

From just telling the story of my pet rabbits, to one of providing complete, accurate information to pet rabbit owners, starting with the beginner’s guide. With nothing to buy, no adverts and nothing to gain, except a world with humanely treated, well fed, happy pet rabbits.

And me? Well, I have Babe and Bob, two lively, healthy, and happy free-roaming rabbits with a healthy, balanced diet. Enjoying the freedom and comfort of my home.

About My Rabbits


dutch rabbit babe

Babe’s sudden arrival surprised me completely, with her stunning appearance and self-assured, attention-grabbing personality. Full of mischievous fun, Babe is quick to take advantage of any opportunity to visit places she should not be.

The dining table, my computer desk, and my planters are just some places she has visited. But her favourite attention seeking trick is jumping onto my keyboard while I’m working. It is said that rabbits have a sweet tooth, and Babe certainly does. Because I have caught her helping herself to fruit cake and liquorice, I inadvertently left on my armchair.

However, that is just Babe being a rabbit, and I would not change her for the world. But meeting Babe is where my current pet rabbit keeping story starts.


dutch rabbit bob

Three months after Babe sprang into my life, I found her a Dutch rabbit partner, Smokey (nicknamed Bob). He was alone in the pen’s corner, the only standard Dutch among the lop eared and lion heads. Bob is less confident than Babe.

So, putting something new in the house will have him bobbing his head before approaching it. Hence, finding him a nickname was easy, but settling into his new home took time. After successfully bonding with Babe, Bob had problems adjusting to the no chewing house rule.

However, after closely managing him during the day and confining him at night for two weeks. He finally learnt about controlling his teeth and could join Babe at night. Now Bob is a valued family member with an affectionate, attention-seeking, sometimes bossy character.