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Welcome to our pet rabbit Blog

On our blog, you’ll find a treasure trove of information on rabbit keeping. From buying your first pet rabbit and starting the rabbit keeping journey the right way. With how to keep rabbits outdoors or indoors, to advice on feeding rabbits a healthy diet, we cover it all. So, dive into our posts and discover our firsthand experiences with pet rabbits. From welcoming a new rabbit into the family to the joys of free roaming rabbit keeping. Whether you’re a seasoned rabbit owner or just starting your bunny journey, our blog archive has something for you.

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dutch rabbit – a happy slave to 2

Dutch rabbit Bob arrived and settled in during the autumn months. However, as the days shortened, so did Babe and Bob’s time in the garden. I was shutting the door at dusk, and they were not happy bunnies spending more time indoors.

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Neutering Rabbits-Babe

Neutering rabbits never crossed my mind when I bought Babe or during our brief time together. She kept me too busy to think about anything more than protecting her and my garden. However, that was about to change, thanks to a vet.

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